If you enjoy cooking than you know that it has everything to do with sharing.  Your main goal is probably related to bringing the best out of your friends and family.  You want to see them happy and smiling.  And you try really hard to achieve this, offering them your most creative cooking.

You probably go out to eat once in while.  Maybe just around the corner to have a hamburger, or maybe you are used to dine in amazing first class restaurants, who knows?  It doesn’t really matter where or what you eat.  Some of these experiences may be fantastic (others not so much).  I’d love to hear about them, as I´m sure would other readers.

So, why then don’t you share all these experiences with us?  Maybe you don’t have the time, or the patience, or the knowledge, or the….it doesn’t matter what….to set up you own blog.  If that is the case than all you have to do is to e-mail me with a text and original photos, and I’d be more than glad help you publish them.

What are you waiting for? Come on, create your own blog or just drop me an e-mail.  Share !

My e-mail is:


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