I was born on an wonderful island in southern Brazil (Florianópolis) and presently live in the city of Rio Grande, even further south. I hold a degree in biology and one in law, and work as a full professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande. I have three kids: Thiago (29), Juliana (26) and Joana (20).

My culinary experiences started after I had the opportunity of watching a series of TV shows hosted by Chef Luiz Cintra (he is the one to blame). After that I just couldn’t stop buying books and watching TV shows on the subject. Among my favorites TV Chefs are Anthony Bourdain, Nick Stellino and Kylie Kwong. Considering that my family is composed by people with different ethnic origins our table was always plenty of dishes from Portuguese, Italian, German and Native-brazilian cuisine, not to mention a mixture of them in authentic borderless meals.

I hope I can keep that spirit alive through this simple blog, which I also hope to update about once a week.

But, please, don’t expect too much, as I’m just an amateur.

Euclydes Santos

One Response to “About”

  1. Emily July 12, 2011 at 00:07 #

    Hi there
    We own an Argentinean company in Perth Western Australia. I just found your blog and absolutely love it. We are trying to source items from Argentina and Uraguay particulaly little table top parillas. Do you know any companies that sell these?
    I am going to share your blog on our company page on Facebook, we are called El Asador – Gourmet Products, we make and sell chimichurri, dried herbs and rubs as well as yerba mate. We also sell products from Argentina too.
    I will keep reading your blog for inspiration.
    Kind regards

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