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Tuna leftovers

26 Aug

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “leftover” is a noun originated in 1891 referring to “something that remains unused or unconsumed”, especially “leftover food served at a later meal”.  Remember the tuna fish I received as a present and prepared on the grill a few weeks ago? If not, take a look here.  If you do, then let me add that we had quite a few leftovers, which obviously found their way into the freezer.

The Wikipedia affirms that “new dishes made from leftovers are quite common in world cuisine” and, let me assure you, they are more than correct.  Well, those tuna leftovers were found by my wife yesterday, and hence a new dish was offered for us at lunchtime.

First, she boiled some sliced potatoes (an egg was also boiled during the process).  Second, onions and yellow bell peppers were sauté in olive oil, to which the tuna leftovers were added.  The potatoes were then disposed at the bottom of a ceramic platter and the tuna, onions and bell peppers layered at the top.  An extra shot of olive oil was added and the dish placed in the oven for a couple of minutes.  Right before serving the egg was sliced and put at the top of the plate.

Tuna left overs over boiled potatoes with onions, yellow bell pepper and boiled eggs.

Tuna leftovers with boiled potatoes, onions, yellow bell peppers and boiled eggs (don't forget the olive oil).

The result was rather simple, but quite tasty.  And she proved once again she cares about my money. Thanks hun.

Lamb spine with potatoes

10 Jul

In almost every country you can find dishes popular amongst the lower social classes which are based on ingredients the dominant elite refuses to eat.  One of these, found in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, is a stew prepared with lamb vertebral column (spine) and potatoes.  You won’t find the main ingredient (lamb spine) for sale in any butcher shop around, rather, you must have a farmer as friend.  As I’ve told you before (see Sunday lunch) the father of my daughter in law, Francisco, is a typical Brazilian “gaucho“, growing cattle and sheep on his farm.  He is the one responsible for putting such fine and rare ingredient on my hands.

Lamb vertebral column (spine) with the tail

Lamb vertebral column (spine) with the tail

The first step is separating the vertebrae one by one.  The final result reminds the traditional ox tail preparation.

Separated vertebrae of a lamb spine

Separated vertebrae of a lamb spine

Then, sauté some diced onions, garlic and fresh red pepper with olive oil (the original recipe asks for pork fat) in a cast iron pan.

Sutéing the first ingredients

Sautéing the first ingredients

Add the lamb spine, diced tomatoes, olives, parsley and salt to taste.  Pour in half a bottle of red wine (I used a Cabernet Sauvignon) and let the fire do the rest.  Let it simmer for about 1,5 h. Check the water, don’t let it dry. Add some potatoes (I cut them in large slices) and let them cook until tender.

Addtional ingredients added.  What do you think of my cast iron stove?

Additional ingredients added. What do you think of my cast iron stove?

Lamb spine with potatoes, olives and parsley

Lamb spine with potatoes, olives and parsley

This is another strong winter dish, full of fat and energy to keep men working in the cold pampas of Rio Grande do Sul.

Lamb on Foodista

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