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About aromas and flavors

1 Oct

Lots of flavors, leathery beginning, but fairly quickly vanilla appeared to be the most ruling.  After one third dark chocolate, and dark roasted coffee appear to rule with vanilla, and during time reached the last third, leather, roasted coffee, and aroma almost like tar (or creosote) became indicators that every good thing is coming to end sometime. (Adapted from Review #179).

If you are a culinary fan, if you enjoy cooking and eating, than I`m almost sure that it has probably more to do with aromas and flavors than with feeding and nutrition.  As you can easily realize by the first paragraph, aromas and flavors are not exclusive of food or drinks, but may be present in whatever substance gets in contact with you tongue, palate or nose.  In fact, the first paragraph (which I slightly modified) was originally applied to the description of one of the best cigars in the world, the Cohiba Siglo XVI.

By the way, for those without any familiarity to this subject, cigar smoking has nothing to do with cigarette smoking.  Most cigar aficionados don’t smoke because they feel the urge imposed by nicotine to their poor brain (or any other related reason), but rather because of the pleasure created by the distinctive aromas and flavors, in this case generated by the slow burning of first quality tobacco leaves.  Isn’t this also the main reason we appreciate food after all, aromas and flavors?  Or is it simply for a question of survival?  No, I believe not.  A believe it has mostly to do with pleasure.

Cohiba with a glass of Kahlúa

My Cohiba with a glass of Kahlúa

Well, one of my brothers-in-law (Reynaldo), although a non-smoker (I just hope it wasn’t because of that), after a wonderful seafood meal he prepared at his home, offered me a Cohiba (simply the best), with a glass of one of my favorite liqueurs, the coffee based Kahlúa.  For me the perfect way to finish a meal, extending the pleasure I had at the table for almost one additional hour.  Can’t wait to pay him another visit.

Homemade Kahlua on Foodista

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