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Brown sugar crumble

28 Aug

Of British origin, the crumble is simply composed of fruits topped with a mixture of fat, sugar and flower and baked until crisp.  Although it’s a quite simple dish, on the Internet you’ll certainly find hundreds of different recipes employing an incredible array of fruits.  My favorite one was prepared by Olivier Anquier, an ex-model who became a chef and TV star after immigrating to Brazil in 1979.  Besides having a captivating smile, he usually offers simple and but quite nice recipes in his TV shows and web site.

Olivier employed pears, which I substituted by apples. Just mix about 200 g of wheat flour with 100 g of brown sugar and 80 g of butter, using your hands, until you get a texture similar to that of breadcrumbs.  Butter a ovenproof dish and place the sliced apples sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon. Cover with the crumble and bake in the oven for 20-30 min at 180 ºC (around 356 ºF).

Crumble:  fruits (apple in this case)...

Crumble: fruits (apple in this case)...

...topped with a mixture of fat (butter), flour and sugar (brown sugar).

...topped with a mixture of fat (butter), flour and sugar (brown sugar).

Crumbles are usually served with Chantilly or ice cream, but Oliver prepared a syrup by melting around 80 g of butter with a similar amount of brown sugar, to which 40 ml of whiskey are added.  The mixture was left to boil under low heat for a couple of minutes and 100 ml of heavy cream then added. Just steer for a few moments and and it’s ready.

The final product is simple but irresistible.

The final product is simple but irresistible.

This is, in my opinion, a  nice companion during a rainy Saturday, along with a cup of freshly prepared Brazilian coffee, to watch an old movie on TV.

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