Six months…some statistics

6 Nov

This week we celebrate, so to say, our half birthday, i.e., we’ve been on the air for six months.  Here are some statistics about this period:

– 48 posts
– 17 categories
– 359 tags
– Top Post:  Parrillada in Uruguay (367 views)

– 84 different countries – Top countries – USA, followed by Brazil, UK, Germany and Canada.

So far so good.  I wasn’t expecting to be flooded by viewers (even though that would be very nice), specially considering that I’m neither professionally involved with gastronomy, nor have any out of the ordinary ability for writing or taking pictures (I always use my phone camera).  Besides that, writing in English is a permanent challenge, as I’m not a native speaker (I learned it over 35 years ago during a period I spent in the USA as an exchange student).

One frustration though, no one dared to share any culinary experience through this blog.  Anyhow, it’s a moment to thank all the readers, specially those who wrote a few comments on the blog itself or have reached me through e-mail.  You comment is my salary. Thanks.

Now, let’s wait and see if anything changes in the next 6 months.

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