Gyros or döner kebab?

20 Jul

Around 17 years ago, when I had the opportunity of working in Germany as a guest Professor, one of the most popular fast foods in the Bonn area was “gyrus”, a Greek specialty which literally translates as  turning, served with “tzatiziki”, a wonderful fresh cucumber and yogurt sauce.

Well, I arrived in Heidelberg this morning and was quite amazed to see that “gyrus” is almost unknown and that the Turkish “döner kebap” (or kebab) has taken its place (Interested in kebap? Take a look at the post on Adana Kebap).  Not that the Turkish variation may not be as good as the Greek one (I tried the one served at Charisma, Bergheimstr., 35 – GPS 49.408557 Lat. N, 8.688898 Long. E), but it’s surelly different, as it never contains pork for religious reasons (I personally prefer pork to chicken).

Preparing Döner

Preparing Döner (sorry, but the picture I took was completely dark, as I don't like to use flash and employ a Nokia phone camera)

Charisma, Bergheimerstrasse, 35, Heidelberg, Germany

Charisma, Bergheimerstrasse, 35, Heidelberg, Germany

I had my döner with an Erdinger Weissbier, and I’m aware that a chikcken döner with Erdinger is not the most wonderful start for Germany, but it was what could be done at the prevailing conditions.  I don’t intend to visit this place again, as the meat (chicken) was a bit dry and the sauce (which was not really tzatiziki – was it intended to be?) almost tasteless.  The ambiance was acceptable, an outside table on a bright summer day, and the price friendly (around US$ 8,00 with the beer)

Chicken and lamb doener kebap

Chicken and lamb döner kebap

Let me cross my fingers and see what dinner will bring.  Will try to stick to a more typical of German meal, something like a Bratwurst, for example.

P.S.:  I have just been informed by my son that, luckily, the Greek specialty has kept its place in the most northern parts of the country.

Gyros on Foodista
Döner Kebab on Foodista


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